Identity Theft Can Destroy Your Individual Credit

Have you ever fallen victim to identity theft? Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? Has your wallet or purse ever been stolen? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you understand the hassle that any of those thing can cause and the money that you can lose because of them. Protection from identity theft is becoming as common as car or health insurance and until the government finds it to be a priority it is up to us to protect ourselves from identity theft.

Convicted felons have photo ID. Are we going to tell Grandma working at the polls to argue with suspected convicted felons and require these ladies to act as bouncers? That is insane and unreasonable. Grandma is probably going to resign her position.

Social Security Identity – For you to be a victim here, your Social Security card doesn’t have to be stolen. The criminal can just be using your number. They can go get a 1099 job (independent contractor), cash the paychecks and not pay any taxes on their earnings. Who will the IRS be coming after to collect the taxes?

Travis description was not surprised to find out that he qualified for the car but was surprised to find out that he only qualified if he put of the price down. He was told that his credit was poor at best and was shocked. Travis decided that since he had a high limit on his credit card he would go ahead and put the money down that they were asking and drive the car home, but was shocked once again when his card was declined for a little over $4,000. He had a $25,000 limit and had always paid his card off every month.

The other side of the issue, who tend to be older, working citizens complain about all of the associated problems of young people and alcohol and the perceived lack of enforcement on the part of their local governments to do anything about it.

When we studied the National Id structure of other countries of the world, we found that they use different methods for verifying their ID. The most reliable method is adding a checksum digit with the national ID. The checksum digit is generated from the over all ID calculation. By the check digit we can verify the validity of the ID holder.

Also, why don’t the Mexicans fight for their country to change. They come from poverty there, they sneak across the border, buy fake ID’s and SSN, work at jobs supposedly not done by us, take welfare, and then want us to give them citizenship. They have become self righteous. Yet the criminal actions taken to get here were so bold. Where was that fighting spirit in Mexico?

What happens when the shoe is on the other foot. If I wanted to go to Mexico illegally, can I just walk across the border and not be subjected to consequences? Not….Who is in charge here? Do the people in Washington hear the same news I hear? All of this is elementary education on Mexico.

The fraud is not always in the ID, the fraud usually starts at the registration process, but it doesn’t end there. As it stands now, there are far more troubling things going on in the voting process. Without addressing these major issues, we won’t put a dent in election fraud.

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