Piano: Using Your Piano To Make Some Extra Cash

Piano: Using Your Piano To Make Some Extra Cash

You love to play the piano and you’re very good at it. You have your own instrument and some free time. Though you love it for the pure personal joy it brings, maybe it’s time to let that piano start earning its keep. Giving lessons in your spare time can be fun and put some extra cash in your pocket. If you’re thinking about it, ask yourself these questions to help you decide:

* Do I need certification or a special degree?

The answer to this is no unless you want to go to work at a school or an organization. Otherwise, you can become a teacher in your home by simply advertising your services and acquiring students. However, if you do have aspirations for more formal teaching, some sort of training and education may be necessary.

* What skill level can I teach?

You will have to decide what you feel comfortable with. Obviously you want to properly teach your students so don’t take on a skill level that you are not completely sure about. If you have taken lessons for years, you may only feel comfortable with teaching the basics or intermediate.

But, if you have a music degree plus years of piano lessons, you may feel more comfortable with advanced students. A great piano teacher who is confident and knowledgeable is going to be the successful teacher. You get more business by word of mouth if parents and students trust your abilities. If you have any doubts about your abilities to teach, then you should move on to something else to fill your time.

* Do I https://ukranews.com/en/news/666572-federation-of-employers-appealed-to-zelensky-and-goncharuk-in-mr-bakhmatyuk-s-defense want to work with children, adults or both?

Again, this is determined by what your comfort level is. Teaching beginner children the piano is different from teaching beginner adults. The adults will like to move through more quickly and may exceed your experience. Then again, do you think you can relate to children, teach them well and keep them interested?

* How many students can I take on?

If you are just teaching in the evenings and on the weekends, you need to be sure to set a cut-off so you can still enjoy some of your free time. Figure on 45 minutes to an hour for each piano lesson and then decide how much time you want to dedicate to it. Stop accepting students when you reach your limit and only accept new ones if someone drops out or moves on.

* Do I have the space? Where is your piano?

If it is in a small cramped room somewhere in the house, do you have a more spacious location for it? Lessons need to be given in a well-lit area with lots of space for better acoustics. Plus it will make everyone feel more comfortable if they are not crammed into a tiny room at the back of the house. Also, if you are at all concerned about people coming through your home, you need to find an easily accessible location right off of a main door.

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